XLR8 Zwim

Outdoor Guildford Lido, 50m, 10 lane.


What is it?

In swimmer terms…..8 x 1 mile off 45 minutes.

So, swim a mile going every 45 minutes, 8 times, hence you swim 8 miles in 6 hours. What time you don’t swim within the 45 minutes, is your rest.

Solos or teams of 2 …(solo or duos only!)

This is hard core just got faster!!

Who is it for?

Masters swimmers over 25 years of age only.

Solo swimmers-Those who are fast, fit, able to rep within the 45 minutes for 8 miles. Solo cost = £55

Those who wish to swim as a team of 2, both need to be able to rep within the 45 minutes. Duo cost = £85 per team

Where and when?

date TBC- 3rd October 2020

Outdoor Guildford Lido, 50m, 10 lane.

Please make sure you understand and accept that any withdrawals are non-refundable and will result in a donation to the chosen event charity of that year. Not suitable for anyone pregnant due to nature of event. Sorry.


Photo ID will be required at registration on the day. Thank you.

What is the chosen event charity?

To be announced early 2020


XLR8 - to be confirmed-

sorry... it's difficult right now. Thanks for your understanding.

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