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GUILDFORD LIDO, Lido Rd, Stoke Park, Guildford, Surrey GU1 1HB.(add hyper link to Lido)

Guildford Lido - Fascinating Facts

  • Guildford Lido was opened in June 1933 by the Mayor of Guildford, Alderman William Harvey, and has been continuously used since this time.
  • It was commissioned and built within 6 months at an estimated cost of £14,500.
  • Original entry to the Lido was 6d (sixpence).
  • Over the last five years Guildford Borough Council has spent £2.25 million on a five-phase development plan which included replacement of the plant, filtration system and pool tiling as well as a new entrance and new sports gym called The Workshop Gym.
  • The Lido welcomes approximately 60,000 visitors each season.
  • It is 50m long and is a depth of 1m at both ends and 2m in the middle.-10 lanes wide.
  • It is heated to a maximum temperature of 24 degrees.
  • The average number of visitors over a weekend is around 3,500.
  • It is used by adults, young children, senior citizens, schools, charity groups, church groups, canoeists, swimming clubs, triathletes, octopush – under water hockey, snorkling club and sub-aqua.
  • At the end of the season the pool is drained for maintenance work.

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Accommodation listings for the event below. No sleeping in the tents prior to or after the event.

Premier Inn-Guildford South, Park Road Premier Inn (add hyper link)….is walkable, just opposite the back entrance to Lido.

Guildford Holiday Inn (add hyperlink)….is a 5 minute drive from Lido.


XLR8 - 6th 0ct 2018

Entries close on 6th Sept.2018

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