The Challenge…should you chose to accept it…



As we couldn't do the scheduled mass event, we still raised nearly £1500 with our alternative event. Have a watch- thank you to everyone who took part or donated and Tom Chapman for putting it all together,

  • Swim a mile, once an hour, every hour, for 12 hours.
  • Whatever is left of the hour, is your rest period. No variations permitted.
  • You get out of the pool, eat, drink, toilet, get warm and dry, in the rest periods – but obviously no alcohol!
  • Swimmers will set off in half hour waves, swimming on their hourly intervals.
  • Any recognised swimming costumes – Full Body suits and non-FINA approved suits actively encouraged as the long arms/ leg wear, will add to warmth retention. Also makes good use of existing swim gear.
  • Any stroke is permissible – any combination, speed and any style. No buoyancy aids.
  • If you feel ill- you get out immediately please!
  • Swimmers must be competent and over 25 yrs old on 31st December of the previous year (no exceptions).
  • It is the swimmers’ and buddy’s responsibility to know the symptoms of cold, hyperthermia and exhaustion.
  • All swimmers including teams, must have a non-swimming ‘buddy’ – as described on the website.
  • Numbers in the challenge will be limited on a first come/first served basis, dependent on all info and payment being completed online.
  • The organisers maintain the right to limit places for safety and organisational reasons.
  • Swimmers are fully respectful of each other, encouraging to all and exercise lane etiquette.
  • No glass, pets, barbeques or naked flames into the Lido complex please.
  • Any children must be fully supervised by parents at all times and kept away from any water areas, including paddling areas. This is not a child or family event and no facilities will be available..
  • All swimmers take part knowing that they take full responsibility of their actions and health, have satisfied themselves of their fitness, have taken all reasonable steps to prepare for the challenge and understand that neither the organisers nor anyone connected with the event, accept that responsibility. The organisers and pool staff have taken all reasonable risk factors into account.
  • This event is deemed to be unsuitable for any swimmer who is pregnant due to the extreme nature of the event- regardless of how fit a swimmer is. Swimmers are requested to inform the organisers and not take part.
  • This is not a race; it is an enjoyable, testing, endurance event for Masters only swimmers, undertaken with friendship, camaraderie and personal goals.

Next event -postponed until further notice.

Apologies to all.

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