Q- Can I wear a wet-suit?

A- yes, better to be warmer and swim, than too cold to go on or risk hypothermia.

Q- What temperature will the water be?

A- Approx 20 /21 degrees but it depends on the current and over night air temperature which will cool or keep heat in. The main issue of the event is getting out and back in again. This is where a buddy can help with towels ready.

Q-Does every team member need a buddy?

A - Yes, an adult non-swimming buddy must watch every swimmer in the pool- team or solo- regardless of their swimming ability. More than one buddy is advisable to aid alertness. It is hard and can be a very cold (possibly wet) role. It is the swimmer’s responsibility to ensure Buddies have all information regarding the swim and website information.

Q- Can I have my money back if I can’t now take part?

A - Unfortunately not. A contribution will be donated to our chosen charity though. All entry fees are non-transferable and non-refundable so please ensure you are able to take part before entering.

Q- Can I sleep in my tent before or after the event?

A - Not under any circumstances.

Q- Will there be drinks available?

A - Yes. Swimmers are encouraged to bring a donation of either milk, tea, coffee, drinking chocolate, sugar, disposable cups, spoons or biscuits. This way, we can provide hot drinks and biscuits to swimmers. Buddies are welcome to buy drinks at the poolside kiosk. It is recommended that Buddies collect drinks to avoid spills in shivering hands.

Q-Will there be hot water for making up cup a soups etc?

A - Yes. It would be recommended that Buddies collect the hot liquid to avoid spills in shivering hands.

Q- My son/daughter is an excellent swimmer but under 25 years old, can they take part?

A - No sorry. This is purely a Masters Swimmers’ event and no exceptions will be permitted.

Q- What is this year's charity?

A- The Mix- a mental health charity supporting under 25 yr olds. They support online and via counselling. You are encouraged to sponsor so we can make a difference and if it saves even one young person self harming or comiting suicide- then we as a group of fortuant swimmers, have made a difference. Thank you.

Use our link so we can tally up how much the ongoing amount we raise please. x