Lesley Zimmerman has been swimming competitively since the age of 8.

She won the National Ladies Modern Penthalon Triathlon (run/swim/shoot) Championships in 1979 and was 3rd the year after.

Her father, Reginald Zimmerman was a founder of Warrington Warriors swimming club and a life long official on the poolside. Her brother is also a swim coach.

Throughout the late 1980’s to 2008, there was a ‘Mothering gap’, where 2 sons were raised and life revolved around ferrying boys to pools, lakes for sailing and their other sporting competitions, prior to them flying the nest.

Since then, Lesley has competed in National and County Masters sprint swimming, British Open Water events, completed a channel relay in 2009.

She represented GB in the Masters World Biathle Championships in 2012 (4th) , 2013 (5th) and remains a competitor, having recently won the Masters C class GB qualifiers for the European Biathle Championships in Germany in Summer 2018.

  Lesley organises the successful 2Swim4Life, XLR8 Zwim and Guildford 12 events, raising over £142,000 for various charities to date.

The Zwim site brings the events such as the Guildford 12, 2Swim4life, XLR8 Zwim and others, under one umbrella. It is not a charity but will facilitate the opportunity to allow swimmers to raise money for charities.

Please note,, 2Swim4Life,  XLR8 Zwim and G12 logos are all trade marked .