Risk assessment for2Swim4Life.

The specific 2Swim4Life risk assessment is summarised below. All swimmers and buddies should read this prior to arriving at Guildford lido.

Lifeguards/Duty managers on shift?

  • The pool will be lifeguarded at all times during the event. The event goes on for 24 hours.
  • Lifeguards are rotated on as followed:
  • 0800-1500 × 4 LGs plus 2 DMs
  • 1500-2200 × 4 LGs plus 2 DMs
  • 2200-0700 × 6 LGs plus 2 DMs
  • 0700-0900 × 4 LGs plus 2 DMs
  • Lifeguards will be rotated every 15 minutes to maintain concentration levels.
  • Lifeguards will be given regular rest periods throughout the event. DMs will be available if there is a shortfall of LGs as per this risk assessment.
  • All lifeguards will have completed a NPLQ and have their training up to date.

All DMs will have their training up to date as per the Freedom Leiusre company policy.

All swimmers sign a disclaimer to say that Lido staff, organiser and charity accept no responsibility. All swimmers have satisfied themselves of their capability. Organiser has collected all relevant medical information that is relevant to swimming this event, recorded it, shared with Lido management and appropriate adaptations made if applicable. Hip issues- swimming nearest wall lane in order to use steps. Asthmatics- buddies have spare inhalers. All swimmers register in prior to event. Lido management have a copy. All swimmers have a buddy to watch them whilst swimming, see to their needs and have read the signs of hypothermia on 2swim4life website.

Buddies are swimmers’ personal social, emotional, physical and mental health watch.

  • All swimmers taking part in 2swim4life must have a non-swimming BUDDY to accompany them at all times.
  • BUDDies must be on pool side while the swimmer is in the water.
  • BUDDY must monitor the swimmer at all times.
  • BUDDY must inform the event organiser or duty manger if they feel their swimmer is not feeling well or if they have any other concerns about their swimmer. The pool will need to be evacuated should anyone vomit in the pool. 
  • Swimmers must be advised to grab hold of a lane rope if they become incapable of swimming while in the water. Buddies have had same email information as swimmers, have read the website- including the signs of hypothermia and dangers of swimming in cold water. Buddies get swimmer’s hot drinks. Buddies get towels and warm dry clothing ready for swimmers.
  • The pool will be closed in the event of an electrical storm until 30 minutes after lightening. The duty Lido manager will take charge. 
  • All participants are urged not to dry swim gear or leave plastic chairs near marquee heaters.

All Buddies have had the same information passed onto them that swimmers have had. They can over rule swimmers as to when to pull out of the event and notify the Lido staff and/ or organiser- who will then notify the Lido management. All buddies are, like swimmers, required to read the risk assessment prior to taking part. The risk assessment will be put on the 2swim4life website.

Prevention of hypothermia, exhaustion, cramp and or injury.

  • The event organiser or Duty manager have the authority to stop any swimmer taking part in this event if they feel there is a risk to their personal health and safety.
  • All duty managers are trained to prevent hypothermia and what action to take if a swimmer becomes hypothermic.

Buddy can and has been told to over rule swimmer. Lido staff and organiser have the ultimate say over who continues or has time out to rest.

Pre swimming checks and Previous medical conditions

All participants will carry out a health commitment questionnaire and declare that they are fit and healthy to carry out the event in full.

All swimmers have to declare on entry forms, any pre existing medical conditions and the decision as to whether to accept the entry, is ultimately the organiser’s. It is not permitted to take part if pregnant- many apologies.

Any medical conditions arising during the event, action to be decided by organiser or/and Lido management. Buddy to notify organiser/ Lido management should it impact the swimmer’s ability or capability.


The 2 x lighting towers will be positioned prior to the arrival of swimmers and positioned away from the spectors and swimmers thoroughfares. The lighting company have all necessary insurance and regular safety checks on their equipment. Their staff will deliver and collect out of event times. In times of reduced lighting,swimmers and buddies are advised to carry torches when away from the pool. Swimmers are advised to use a glo stick or floating night lights on swim wear. Lido has some to purchase if swimmers do not have their own.

Erecting of external hired equipment

  • All equipment will be set up as per manufactures instructions and guidance in a safe location.
  • All electrical equipment will be PAT tested.
  • All wires and guy ropes will be made safe to prevent any trips or falls.

Marquee company will erect marquee, lighting inside and heater. They have their own insurance.


  • All external contractors/suppliers will supply public liability insurance and copies of PAT testing for any electrical equipment they plan on using.

Lighting towers to be placed out of the way of swimmers’ walk way. One tower to be placed where swimmers would not be needing to visit. The other in a corner out of the way. Lighting company have all the latest testing equipment to ensure lighting is in the best condition.

Spectator Safety control measures

  • All accessible areas are maintained in good condition by the Lido staff and checked on a daily basis. 

All buddies and swimmers will have information requiring them to refrain from bringing children, that the pool /event does not accept pets, glass or naked fires- including bbqs, that all slides will be out of use and should there be a  hot tub, it is for swimmers to use for a max of 5 minutes at a time. There will be a pool PA system and a battery loud haler back-up.

Housekeeping re glass, pets, fire

  • All swimmers, and buddies are reminded that the event does not permit bbqs, naked flames, glass or pets into the event. Children are discouraged and remain the responsibility of their parents at all times. The information will be emailed to all swimmers and buddies and they requested to inform any spectators.



Organising any event requires a tremendous amount of forward planning that begins far in advance of when entries open. Because of this, we need to ensure all monies are secure before hiring, confirming and purchasing. As we keep our costs down to an absolute minimum, refunds are not possible and if - despite all our risk assessments, the event has to be cancelled by external forces, we would be unable to refund costs. This would be a very last resort and every attempt would be to avoid this situation. 

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