What is a Buddy?

A Buddy is a non-swimming adult, (over 25 yrs old) who oversees the swimmer, watches them swim, counts lengths, takes care of the swimmer’s physical, psychological and emotional health whilst they swim and rest.

They can help with food, having a towel and warm clothing ready, and generally be a “buddy” to encourage, motivate, befriend the swimmer.

It is the Buddy’s and swimmer’s responsibility to know and look out for signs of fatigue, hypothermia and exhaustion.

The swimmer must adhere to the Buddy’s decision should the Buddy feel withdrawal from the event is advisable on health grounds.

An organizer may also intervene for safety reasons, if it is felt that participants are not recognizing the signs of hypothermia or refusing to accept the guidance and it may affect their health.

Do I have to have one?

Yes- all swimmers including teams, must have a Buddy who is not swimming. No exceptions regardless of swimming ability.

Why do you need to know a Buddy’s name and mobile number?

Safety reasons; Just in the exceptional instance that medical help outside the complex is sought, an organizer may wish to get in touch with someone who is with a participant.

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