Zwim manages a variety of Masters Swimmers’ (over 25 years old) swimming challenges.

These events are not for children or anyone under 25 years old, regardless of ability. There will be no facilities to entertain children as spectators.

All events are non-competitive and friendly, with the emphasis on camaraderie and support for other swimmers. The aim is to make and renew friendships, promote continued enjoyment of swimming, undertake personal targets and achieve personal goals. Swimmers must ensure they are in sufficient fitness to undertake an event and medical clearance should always be sought to be sure. Unfortuantly due to the extreme nature of these events, it is not permissible to participate when pregnant.

We also support chosen charities and participants in events are encouraged to obtain sponsorship in order that we may help others who are not as fortunate as ourselves. To date, swimmers have raised over £144,000 for deserving charities.

Many events, such as 2Swim4Life and Guildford 12, can be done as solos or as part of a team (any number within a team), although a team manager must be identified and Buddies needed for all swimmers- regardless of ability.

Ex racing suits that cannot be worn in competitive pool races are encouraged as a means of making good use of existing, often expensive but perfectly suited costumes.

2Swim4Life takes place every 2 years, with The Guildford 12 and XLR8 being run on the alternate year. See the tabs for details.

We hope that whatever event you wish to enter, you do so safely, enter into it with the intended spirit but adhere to the conditions, which are there mainly for safety and order. When that is achieved, the events and swimmers succeed as a cohesive community, raising money for good causes whilst having great fun.   

Thank you in advance to those who support our causes, past, present and future.

Zwim Events at Guilford Lido


Swimming a mile, on the hour, every hour, for 24 hours

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Guildford 12

Swim a mile, once an hour, every hour, for 12 hours.

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